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Amusement Ride Inspections

About Amusement Ride Inspections

The Iowa Division of Labor conducts a safety inspection at least once a year of each amusement ride, amusement device, concession booth and related electrical equipment. An operator must obtain an Amusement Ride Operating Permit from the Iowa Labor Commissioner before operating covered equipment in Iowa.

Amusement ride operators may be subject to the Smokefree Air Act.

Water slides are regulated as swimming pools by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Accidents / Emergencies

Immediately notify the Labor Commissioner of an accident involving an amusement ride or related equipment. Follow the accident notification requirements and submit an accident report form to the Iowa Division of Labor.


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Annual Permit Fee

  • $30 for 1-10 rides/inflatables
  • $40 for 11+ rides/inflatables (this total does not include the amount of generators or blowers).

Inspection Fees

  • $40 for each inflatable, generator and blower.
  • $40 Concession/Game Booth (only with electrical).
  • $75 Rides designed for passengers weighing 75 lbs or less (rides accommodating only children).
  • $110 Rides designed for passengers weighing 75 lbs or more and less than 40 work hours for assembly.
  • $250 Rides requiring more than 40 work hours to assemble (roller coasters, etc).

Common Questions

Q: Who Regulates the inspections of Water slides and swimming pools?
A: Iowa Department of Public Health.

Q: How do I know if an amusement owner has registered with the State of Iowa?
A: You may call our office at 515-725-5612 or email You may also ask the owner of the rides for proof of inspection by showing you the current inspection sticker. If they do not have proof of inspection, just call our office with the show name and where they are set up.

Hours of Operation

8:00am to 4:30pm • Monday - Friday

Contact Information

Department of Inspections, Appeals, & Licensing
Amusement Ride Safety
6200 Park Ave., Suite 100
Des Moines IA, 50309-1836